Body Duet / 27 Feb - 1 Mar / Philadelphia Dance Projects

BODY DUET is a new duet/duel, which depicts one person, danced by two people, a male and female dancer: two exceptional, spiritual but witty performers layer energy packed, highly physical clashing dance material on top of each other, attempting to create one body using breath to generate the movements.

Lost loves, new loves, a past, present, and a future: we all have them. Don’t we?

Body Duet is a striking new dance piece from John Scott’s irish modern dance theatre that celebrates the ecstatic feeling of being together, of losing fear and inhibition, and trusting in being together. A show packed with passion, poetry, humour, artistry, grace, fun, vitality - and dance. It will make you think, it will make you laugh, and it will make you remember.

Body Duet features New York’s Bessie Award winning dance star Michelle Boulé and one of Ireland’s outstanding male dancers Philip Connaughton in a new work with live music by dynamic US duo BLACKFISH. 

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Irish Modern Dance Theatre,

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Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Rear 44 East Essex St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2             +353 (0)1 6715113


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Philadelphia Dance Projects, USA

27 Feb - 1 Mar

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Supported by;

Choreography by

John Scott

Performed by

Michelle Boulé and Philip Connaugton 

Music by

Blackfish (James Everest and Joel Pickard)

Lighting by

Eric Würtz


“A duet of bodies and dancing souls”

Una Mullally, The Irish Times

"There is a feeling that the twenty-one-plus years of Scott's disparate choreographic life are being distilled into a single and singular vision of what it means to dance and what it means to live."  

Michael Seaver, Irish Theatre Magazine

"Boulé and Connaughton are the utmost combination of athlete and artist, delivering riveting performances with grace and prowess" & "Highlight of the week"

David O'Shaughnessy,

"John Scott's magnetic new work ... exuberant confidence, synchronicity and fluidity of movement ... we watch, dazzled both by the light and the sureness and clarity of these fine dancers" 

Seona Mac Reamoinn, The Irish Times.

"We can enjoy the clarity and fervor for life running through this dance...and giving it it's measure of hope" - Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Infinite Body, New York.

Praise for Body Duet