In April 2008 a number of Irish artists traveled to Palestine to work with young Palestinian dancers and aspiring filmmakers – members of Al Harah Theatre Co and El Funoun Dance Company. The film ETERNAL is the result of an intensive dance workshop choreographed by John Scott. ETERNAL is directed by Steve Woods with cinematography by Tim Fleming – of ONCE.

The dance and the images of ETERNAL are about the duality in resistance. The wish to protest, to vent your anger on the one hand; 
with the instinct 
to protect and to 
survive on the 
other. Shot in 
Beit Jella near 
Bethlehem the 
resistance in 
question is the 
struggle for 
Palestinian rights.

The Dance reflects this duality by having one dancer – an icon painter - inside a church and a group young people dancing outside. The dance begins because two strangers enter the town and change the traditional dance of the people - a lament – to angry rhythmic unified movements that are eventually spent out against a wall.

Meanwhile the dancer inside is sensitive to this disturbance outside his world. His confused but urgent dance takes him down from the dome of the church to the cave underneath where he carefully surrounds and protects the sacred olive oil burning there.

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Directed by

Steve Woods

Choreography by

John Scott

Director of Photography

Tim Fleming

Produced by

Camel Productions

IMDT Dancers

Aisling Doyle, Michael Pomero

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