Fall & Recover

Fall & Recover  emerges from John Scott’s workshops with clients of Centre for Care of Survivors of Torture in Dublin, Ireland. Mixing two professional dancers with a cast of 11 torture survivors from 9 countries, Fall and Recover, specially revived by Dublin Dance Festival in 2009, was featured by BBC Radio 4. International press and acclaimed as a major breakthrough dance work. Cast members, many now Irish citizens, have lost homes, careers, family and health but their dance celebrates the power of the human spirit, their dignity and determination and carries imprints from their lives, their loss and their future hopes accompanied by live music by Rossa

O’Snodaigh of Irish world

music band Kíla. 

The definition of torture

according to the United

Nations Convention

Against Torture is:"Torture

means any act by which

severe pain or suffering,

whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted by or at the instigation of a public official on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person information or confession, punishing him for an act he has committed, or intimidating him or other persons." 

The aim of torture is not to kill the victim, but to break down the victim's personality.

Speaking of his experiences with CCST Clients, Scott says: ‘what blows me away is their dignity. They are survivors, positive, optimistic and forward looking. They are so hungry and motivated. Fall & Recover is term invented by legendary American Choreographer and Dance pioneer Doris Humphrey for her technique where ‘Dance occurs in the frightening moment between falling and recovering by the arc swept by a body moving between equilibrium and uncontrol’ – this is how I see their experience. 

Scott was awarded a Cultural Award by African Refugee Network  for his work with CCST.

 “Dignity …hope that permeates

Michael Seaver, The Irish Times

  Urgent and Uplifting, deeply Humbling and Beautiful

Patrick Brennan, Irish Examiner 

Choreography by

John Scott

Lighting by

Eamon Fox

Associated Dancers:

Loui Osman, Aisling Doyle, Julian Odja Twima, Sebastoao Mpembele Kamalandua, Crinela Opiea, Immaculate Akello, Poudima Folrence Welalo, Ashley Chen, Cheryl Therrien, Philip Connaughton, Julie Chi, Guelord Ngadi, Solomon Ljigade, Elizabeth Shue, Sarah Patience Namehe, Haile Tkabo, Lamine Cisse

La MaMa E.T.C.

New York

17th March - 3rd April


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