It Is Better To

In his new work, “It is Better to …”, Thomas explores the everday human struggle of making things better. We, people, have only one chance; one chance of making things better, better than the last time. The piece explores a range of human experience: who we want to be; how do we dance; where we are; what we do with each other; our politics; our emotions; our sex; our intelligence; and how we struggle to make theses experiences better. How we make: a better mix; a better difference; better relations; a better order; better
communication; a better 

Commissioned by John 
Scott’s Irish Modern 
Dance Theatre for ESB 
Dublin Fringe Festival 
2004, ‘It is better to...’ 
choreographed by Thomas 
Lehmen, Berlin was 
nominated for both "Best
Production" and "Sexiest 
Show" and recently 
nominated by German Magazine Ballet/tanz as 'Most Innovative Production 2004.

'Thomas Lehmen seems to have the alchemist's touch when it comes to performers and audience coalesce. It's not the cosmetic appearance, but rather the creative methodology behind every gesture and utterance that blurs the boundary between what we think is real and what we know is not... It's the simplicity that makes this work so eloquent; the grace in the everyday....each movement and statement contains its own individual truth, further blurring the dividing line between performance and everyday life' 
Michael Seaver - Ballettanz - November 04

"What is left to perform in an age when every gesture has been tried out and every movement has been done before? Lehmen toys with the debris of the avant garde...Germany’s most interesting... young generation of choreographers... probes into the very notion of the dancing body..."
Gerald Siegmund - Dance Europe

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Irish Modern Dance Theatre,

Rear 44 East Essex St,

Temple Bar,

Dublin 2

+353 (0)1 6715113


Concept, Choreography & Design by

Thomas Lehmen

Choreographic Material Created & Performed by

John Scott, Marc Rees, Patrick Stewart, Cheryl Therrien

Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Rear 44 East Essex St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2             +353 (0)1 6715113


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