maKe, i mean -

maKe, i mean is made of eruptions of consciousness, behaviour, text, movement and costumes.

It feels bold, bawdy, unrecognisable, serious, unschooled, anti-professional, dirty and funny, and when

performed will creative a narrative whether you like it or not.

Here are 20 words that describe the show: Original. Funny. Dirty. Existential. Unrecognizable. Hard. Easy.

Subtle. Bawdy. Random. Nonsensical. Mundane. Exalted. Naked. Eager for multiple interpretations. Vertical. Idiotic.


“Ms. Truscott made ingenious use of the idiosyncratic stage space...She has a fresh, engaging voice. Bring on her next eruption.” 

                                             Jennifer Dunning, THE NEW YORK TIMES

IMDT + Adrienne Truscott = a really exciting collaboration. Expect laughter, confusion, challenging ideas with a pinch of naughtiness.

                                                             Roise Goan, FESTIVAL DIRECTOR

New York choreographer, Adrienne Truscott, premieres maKe, i mean, a new dance theater piece with John Scott’s imdt, exploring the sometimes preposterous endeavor of making things with others, when one has the luxury of being in charge. maKe, i mean brings together performers of various generations, nationalities and disciplines, creating something unrecognizable in the rigour and abandon with which they meet, perhaps one of the hardest dances anyone could do, in the delightful possibility that we have nothing at all in common.

Adrienne Truscott, one half of The Wau Wau Sisters, has presented at Sydney and Edinburgh Festivals, Dance Theater Workshop, Danspace Project and PS 122.

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Choreography: Adrienne Truscott (NYC)

Performers: Joanna Banks, Philip Connaughton, John Scott, Adrienne Truscott, Mufutau Kehinde Yusut (Junior), imdt flash mob.