The Bowing Dance

The Bowing Dance – a duet for me and you is performed and created by John Scott Artistic Director of Irish Modern Dance Theatre and returns from a sell out run during The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010. 
Playful, quirky and idiosyncratic, 
The Bowing Dance, sometimes 
compared to Beckett, has been 
performed in Ireland, France, 
New York, UK, Sweden 
and Estonia.   

"The Bowing Dance — a duet for 
me and you" by the Irish 
choreographer John Scott 
belonged to the neutral category.
 The burly, appealing Mr. Scott, 
who performed this work on the Saturday night and Sunday afternoon programs at the Club, enacted both the "me" and the "you" of the title as he issued directions and followed them with the requisite actions. ("Me, I bow. You, you bow too.") Performed in two parts, the work can feel like a brilliant piece of absurdist theatre, a meditation on identity, an entry-level primer on choreographic composition or nothing very much at all. Perhaps it's all those things at once, which is to say, art."
Roslyn Sulcas/The New York Times

‘dry and crafty humor – as well as unerring physical precision’

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Choreography & Performance by

John Scott

Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Rear 44 East Essex St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2             +353 (0)1 6715113


Video of the show.

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