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THE WHITE PIECE, by John Scott, tries to show the presence of everything: what we do and dream for today and tomorrow. Performed by an unique cast of 14 dancers with backgrounds as diverse as musical theatre, Merce Cunningham Dance Company, a retired Ballerina from Royal Ballet of England, with a group of African Torture Survivors blending a playful sense of humour with athletic dancing, The dance elements use the idea of covering, of wiping something out.The_White_Piece_files/crop%20image-group%20wall.tga

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Irish Modern Dance Theatre,

Rear 44 East Essex St,

Temple Bar,

Dublin 2

+353 (0)1 6715113


Choreography by

John Scott

Lighting by

Eric Wurtz

Performed by

Joanna Banks, Philip Connaughton, Justine Doswell, James Hosty, Sebastiao Mpembele Kamalanda, John Scott, Cheryl Therrien

Irish Modern Dance Theatre, Rear 44 East Essex St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2             +353 (0)1 6715113         imdt (at)


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“This is one performance you need to see to believe ………. the liberation of the spirit through the freedom of the body …. true triumph”

Paul Ben Itzak/The Dance Insider magazine

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The White Piece uses dances, actions and duets that are part documentary, part poetry. The White Piece has three subtitles: For Today and Tomorrow, The Effect of Love and Walking, flying thinking.


‘a white piece of cloth has the power to "heal bodies, placate spirits and metaphorically transcend the world of humans" in both Cuban culture and  African Yoruban culture’


THE WHITE PIECE  arose as a response to the feelings of anger from witnessing how a refugee is treated and how they respond or don’t respond. A response to what is really happening  - deportations – arrogance – sleeze – a waiting room – solicitors – court rooms – protests – wigs – culture clash – affidavits – wine – tears – the use of dance – the uselessness of dance – the beauty of useless things.


“humour may be a conduit of rage. John Scott….. is a very angry man  - angry at the “gross miscarriages of justice and human rights taking place on a daily basis under the current (Irish) asylum process”. But he is also a very sophisticated artist. The White Piece, which explores the veiling of racism, speaks through humour, irony and lyrical athleticism. Hope runs through the cast of 14 mature professional dancers and refugees like a single word running through a stick of rock. Choreography with this degree of artistic and social commitment is very rare indeed”     Bill Harpe/The Guardian (UK)


THE WHITE PIECE is NOT a piece about Torture

it is NOT a piece about refugees/asylum seekers

it is NOT a piece about deportation/expulsion

It is NOT a piece about racism

it is NOT a piece about violence

it is NOT about living in a suspicious, uncomprehending, racist society

it is not about waiting for hours in a visa office

but all these things are part of the daily lives of some of the performers.


“Gems of movement and text”      Michael Seaver – The Irish Times